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Thread: Ways to bring down your blood pressure

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    Ways to bring down your blood pressure

    So my dad has really high blood pressure and I really want to help him but I don't know how. As in what to make him eat and avoid, exercise, etc I would really help if you don't put really hard words. Thanks so much. Now my dad can live longer......!

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    Take daily exercise for at least an hour a day. Brisk walking is all that is necessary. take Fish or fish oil in your daily meal. It will be a big help.

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    hi nitin

    first most important thing is - DONT NEGLECT DOCTOR'S ADVISE

    other things = AVOID- smoking , alcohol , salt , fat specially ghee butter , nonveg [ except fish ] , sedentary life style,fried food, ...

    EAT - fruits , vegetables , sufflower oil for cooking , fish ,

    do - brisk walking daily ..

    feel free to ask anything specific

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    Hello Nitin,

    high blood pressure is not at good for health, have you consulted a doctor? is he taking any kind of medition??

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    An unhealthy life style will be cause for the high blood pressure, so it is very important to follow a healthy diet. Here i would like to give out few tips to lower the blood pressure, please have a look at it;

    It is always advisable to take up more fruits and vegetables in your diet
    Always stay active, make your mind fresh by doing some meditation, yoga exercise etc......
    It is better to avoid more number of salt
    Maintain a healthy weight. Your height and weight should be balanced

    Hope this helped!!!

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