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Thread: Is It Normal For Newborn To Get Hiccups

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    Is It Normal For Newborn To Get Hiccups

    Few months ago my friend delivered a cute baby girl, this infant often gets Hiccups and @ the same time she will cry as well. Is it common for a baby to get Hiccups frequently or is this baby running under health problem??

    I need some experts advice here….

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    Yup! Hiccups are familiar with all infants, and this happens when diaphragm - the muscle that helps us to breathe associates vigorously.

    Treatment for Baby Hiccups are:-

    >> Breast feeding helps child's diaphragms relax.
    >> Must provide sugar water solution in a bottle to suck.
    >> During hiccups, must Hold your baby in an upright position.
    >> Must always Keep baby warm.

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    hi shrikalya

    it depends on cause n type n frquency of hiccups ..

    i cant from here without examining baby n without details ..

    i suggest consult a pediatriacian once before going for other treatments like usha suggesting

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    I think you should consult your Family Physician before any future remedies..

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    Hi Shri,

    Keeping the baby upright for sometime is the best remedy to get rid of the continuous hiccups. At the same time, do not try remedies like pulling the tongue and pressing the eyeballs, as these are the common folk remedies in some cultures.

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