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Thread: Who will be the top heroin in 2013?

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    Who will be the top heroin in 2013?

    Hey all,

    I usually watch bollywood movies. Especially, I prefer to watch movies of “kareena kapoor”. Because, I am a great fan of her .She has given many hit movies and also have done item numbers. I think she will be the top heroine even in the year 2013. What do you all say, do you guys agree with me? Here I would like to pose a question to you all. According to you who do you think will be the top heroin in 2013........?

    Please share your views and opinions on this!!!!

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    Hi prerna,

    This year there weremany beautiful actress who had given many hit movies and many songs. But among those there should be one who will be the top for the next year also.

    According to me, I would say deepika padkone will be the top heroine in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I usually love to watch Bollywood movies. Kareena Kapoor is one of the most beautiful and famous actress now-a-days. I take Bollywood updates from missmalini.com.

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