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Thread: Biggest Flops of 2012 Bollywood

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    Biggest Flops of 2012 Bollywood

    Hi Friends,

    We (friends) used to hang out on every weekend to share every joyful moment in our lives. During a chit-chat at that time, we were talking about the biggest flops of Bollywood in 2012. We have listed only few films, as we are aware of few films like

    London, Paris, New York
    Galli Galli chor Hai
    Patcy N

    I would like to know, what are all the other major flops of 2012 in Bollywood Film Industry?

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    Hi Dip,

    Many of the expected blockbusters in Bollywood, gave unpleasant shocks to its fans this year. Apart from your list, there are many flops in 2012. They are:

    Agent Vinod
    Jodi Breakers
    Dangerous Ishhq
    Ekk Deewana Tha
    Teri Meri Kahaani

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    2012 gave us quite a few memorable films. While some big budget movies were successful after making record collections at the box office, some others have failed to make an impact on the audience even with its big star cast. I am hoping missmalini.com will also update that list on their blog very soon.

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