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Thread: Are you satisfied with the education sysytem in India?

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    Are you satisfied with the education sysytem in India?

    Do you think the education system in India needs any change?

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    yes, it is emphasises on learning only rather doing practical works. practical works should also be given same emphasis...

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    Yes definitely it has to be improved!!!!!

    Because, the students are equipped with the bookish knowledge, but practically they are weak. It is a must to acquaint them with some practical knowledge as well. According to me I would say that, the Indian education system should be reformed as soon as possible.

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    Hi friends,

    Education must be student-oriented not only syllabus-based. The education system must impart good vocational and physical training and instill values to respect all vocations/professions- that is something we have to learn. Importance should also be given to team work and group dynamics.

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    Education System in India !..

    Yeah we need some changes in Education System,especially communication problem most of the students didn't speak English with fluency. Everyone know English but they have some trouble to speak. Along with that we have to include some new features in Education System....

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    Hey inlingua,

    Its truly a good point!!!!

    As you said most of the students do not speak English fluently. In order to improve their communication skills, some new feature should be added in the education system of India, to equip students in all fields. If this gets implemented, there will be a great change in the education system.

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