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Thread: swimming helps lose belly fat

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    swimming helps lose belly fat

    Hi friends
    I am 26 years old . I want to reduce my belly fat can any one tell me does swimming helps me to lose belly fat?

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    Swimming will help to reduce the belly fat people with different fitness level can take up swimming and enjoy it. Swimming also help to strengthen the heart boots and reduce the risk of chronic diseases . swimming is great way to lose belly fat, especially for people, who may find it difficult to do other calorie-burning exercises, such as running, treadmill workout, aerobics. Swimming is also beneficial for people suffering from arthritis or those who are obese hope this will help you

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    Swimming is an overall workout for the body. I not only helps in reducing belly fat but also helps in getting shape.

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    Swimming is one such best remedy to burn belly calories in rapid @ low injury. For early recovery we must select a water pool having approximately 27degree Celsius temperature. The most beneficiary thing in practicing swimming is that we build our muscles strong and prevent arthritis & other Ortho related issues…

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    yes of course, swimming is a one type of exercise.Swimming exercise all the parts of our bodies which requires to burn mainly the calories of our body, so which helps to reduced the body weight,fat loss like body problems.

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    Hey first understand that it is not possible to lose fat in an isolated body part, say your belly. Yes of course swimming is a wonderful way to burn calories. Cardio swimming is ideal to burn fat. As you give work to your cardiovascular system, there are high chances that your calories can be burnt. Hey this is my idea, and feel free to share your thoughts as well.

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