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Thread: Housewife or working girl - who to marry?

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    Housewife or working girl - who to marry?

    Hi All,

    What is your opinion on whom to marry house wife or working girl please reply me with your valuable reply..

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    Hey Buddy,

    It is all depend on you, If you have a good financial status to maintain, then marry a house wife who can take care of you and your family well,

    If you are middle class not able to maintain single handed, if you are seeking for financial support then go ahead and marry a working girl..

    All we can suggest but the final call you have to take.

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    Thumbs up Working women or housewife?

    Working women or housewife it really depends on your lifestyle. Do you like cooking once in a while? Would you wash clothes or make tiffin? Point is you cannot expect women to perform at work as well as home. You have to understand her and help her at home as well. When she comes back from work she may have bad days just as you, so yes understanding her mood swings is imp. Now working women really depends how much she is multi-tasking. If she is not multi-tasking you will have to hire maid at home or if you have parents can make tiffin and help raise kids. More you stress her more she is going to loose her shape and health. So it all depends on personal situation.
    Like my brother he knows nothing about cooking and house work so he married a homemaker. Myself on the other hand i can cook once in a while and i am okay with household shopping and helping at home, so i want a working women. To me personally i want a person who i can relate the thoughts, sometimes homemakers does not understand the reality and hardships of earning money and can be unrealistic in life's decision and opinion. To me housewife is pretty much like a maid, but then its my own opinion i do not like to judge people. My brother has married homemaker he is happy and so i am happy for him. So find what best suits your life. Wish you goodluck in search of soulmate!

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    In life there are two major things that you should choose on your own one is “career” another thing is “marriage”. So think for yourself who will be better and who will take care of you throughout the lifetime; whether you need a housewife or a working women decision should be on your own. Every thing is in your own hand.

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