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Thread: when to sleep working in night shifts

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    when to sleep working in night shifts

    Hi friends

    I am working for night shift from 1week back I am not able to sleep properly in day time can any one give me few tips when to sleep when we are working in night shifts

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    Working in shifts and to get adjusted it take time I will suggest you some useful tips

    Sleep well and eat well before the night shifts.
    Avoid stimulants such as coffee and nicotine, before bedtime. If you're working nights and need to sleep from morning until afternoon, you might try to avoid caffeine after midnight.
    Create a silent environment. To promote uninterrupted sleep, turn off or unplug your phone and hang room-darkening shades on the windows
    Make healthy lifestyle choices. Eat a healthy diet and include physical activity in your daily routine.

    Hope this tips will help you…

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