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Thread: would you marry a woman who was divorced with kids

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    would you marry a woman who was divorced with kids


    I just want every body personal opinion she is man galore girl she is 26 years and was married to the Telugu boy who is 28 they got divorced and she got the son of 1year old baby she is really very attractive and physically .. very intelligent too . So would you marry her if yo are in love with her ?????
    Please share your personal thoughts

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    According to me first and most you need to understand the meaning of marriage . Love is the factor of marriage. Love is which really work out in marriage life Sacrificing, responsibility Sharing accepting and understanding etc . This all the part of marriage . If are love with her then why not marry her realize that you heart must be big enough to love her son as well. he will be the part of your life so child should not be barrier in this case. Any divorced is allowed to a new life ..
    Life is what you makes of it !

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    Thumbs up Divorce women can be great.

    Fact that women already has a baby, slows down a women a lot in relationship. One of the advantages is that her baby is really young so might be easier for you to be accepted as a dad in family. If you love her and her kids likes you, trust me she will make you the happiest person in the world. You have already won her heart by treating her daughter like yours. One of things is just do not just go for looks, also see if you like her personality and her expectations in relationship. Also see if her ex husband is not a big problem or one who enters your life too often and not going to bring in drama. Divorce is not a stigma or crime in today's world, if you really like her, go ahead and get married. You are doing good work for you and your society, be proud of it.

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    Hi Murugan,

    You have taken such a good decision. If a person comes forward to accept a divorced woman with her kids, shows that he is a liberal and broad-minded being. Many people wonít have this kind of heart to do these kinds of things. Hats off to you!

    At the same time; donít make yourself attracted towards her for the external appearances like beauty and physical structure, which is momentary. Show your extreme love and affection to her and her kid. Treat that child as yours and live happily.

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