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Thread: Healthy eating tips toddlers

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    Healthy eating tips toddlers

    Hi All,
    My son is under weight and but he is active . I want some healthy eating tips for toddler can any one guide me please

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    Whether your child is eating right food at right time it is common concern for parents of toddler . Toddlers is not small adult and do not need the quantity of food that adults do . . As parent you are responsible for what were and when they eat . If the toddler is not hungry please don't force to have. Offer the good balance nutrition food
    Water and milk is the best drink for the toddler
    Teaching your child to enjoy water now, establishes a healthy lifelong habit. Water at anytime over the day can be given.
    Have healthy snacks readily available for snack times. give fruit, yoghurt, fruit toast, milk, baked beans, a cheese stick, dried fruit, cheese
    Be a good role model. Children often copy the habits of their friends, parents and siblings. If you display good eating habits, they are more likely to follow in your footsteps. Encourage family mealtimes and eat with your child regularly.

    Hope this will help you

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