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Thread: Biggest hit of 2012

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    Biggest hit of 2012

    Hi friends,

    I was searching for the data about the ‘Biggest Hit of 2012’ both in Bollywood and in Kollywood. Whenever I search in various sites, I came out with a different survey. I would like to know, which film holds the title – ‘massive hit of 2012’ in Bollywood and Kollywood?

    Please share your replies soon!!!

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    Hi Kunal,

    I would like to share the biggest hit of Kollywood and Bollywood as per the collection basis…

    Bollywood: “Ek Tha Tiger” made a total of Rs 307 crores worldwide. This is one of highest grossing Bollywood film ever, second only to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.
    Kollywood: “Thuppaki” was released worldwide in over 1000 screens and has crossed the 100-crore mark at the Tamil Box Office. This is the second Kollywood film after the superstar Rajinikanth's Endhiran to reach the venture.

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    new delhi

    Ek tha tiger

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    2012 gave us quite few memorable films. While some big budget films were successful in making record collections at the box office, others failed to make an impact on the audience even with its big star cast. I hoping missmalini.com will also update that list soon on their blog

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    Hi all,

    In the year 2012 there were many biggest hits both in bollywood and kollywood. First i would like to mention about the biggest bollywood hit for the year 2012, the movie agneepath by the famous director karan malhotra with Hrithik roshan, priyanka chopra, sanjay dutt, etc.... box office collections is about 150 crores.

    Coming to kollywood, the biggest hit of 2012 is “kumki” which a strange love story with amazing script and talented artists. Some of the other biggest hits are maatran, thuppaki, etc...

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