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Thread: second thoughts about engagement

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    second thoughts about engagement

    Hi friends

    I was engaged with my girl last 2months back but now I feel to think about the second thought about engagement . because I feel my partner is donít love me by forcing her they are making me to marry her . Then my marriage life will be spoiled so I want stop this kindly help me out

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    If you are seriously considering ending your engagement, get support from friends and family. Tell them why you are feeling the way you are. Donít compromise on whatís best for you. Be brave. Your friends and family are not going to live in your marriage Ė you are. Marriage more than any other relationship has the capacity to impact your day-to-day happiness. Make sure your relationship is one you believe in for the long haul. Hope this will understand you better

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    Thumbs up Marry someone for your own happiness and not for society's approval.

    You should like your partner, enjoy each others company, thoughts and views of life. If you cannot have basic conversation, you will have a rough life ahead. You can always postpone the marriage, meet her, go movies, dinner and spend some time together. If you still like her go get married, if not find someone else you like. Life is too short to be unhappy and be with a unhappy person. We do not marry just to have two kids and wife as maid? Goodluck boy!

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    How sure are you that she is engaged with by her parents. have ever tried to speak to her personally, speak to her understand her then you can think to stop your engagement..

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