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Thread: Curry leaves powder for weight loss

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    Curry leaves powder for weight loss

    Curry leaves is such a beautiful ingredient which is used in Indian cooking, especially south Indian cooking. It has many medicinal uses as well. It also stands as a healing property to various health hazards. I heard that it will also help in reducing weight. Does powdered curry leaves help in weight loss? If so! Can anyone please tell how it will help in losing weight please help!

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    Hi prerna....

    As you said curry leaves have lot of medicinal values. It is really good for health. Almost in most of the foods it is used as an ingredient which helps in stimulating the digestive system and improves the quality of the digestive enzymes. Curry leaves powder do not have a direct role in weight loss, but it will help in depressing the blood sugar and therefore helps to reduce appetite. Incorporating curry leaves powder in the daily diet will help in losing weight. The powdered curry leaves will take out fat and many other toxins from the body and will reduce the body fat. I have mentioned as many information's possible. If I have left out anything please do share it!

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    Hi Varun,

    well said..! Curry leaves powder is good for weight loss and also good for hair growth and colour. If you don't like its raw taste, you can buy the curry leaf powder widely available in the market and have it with dosa or hot rice. This will prevent per-mature greying of hair, it is very good remedy for nausea and indigestion. Extract juice of curry leaves, squeeze a lime and add a pinch of sugar and have the juice.

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    Hey nice information shared.

    I never knew curry leaves has so many health benefits.I often keep it aside while having my food.

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    well reetsalvi,

    I hope now you know the health benefits of curry leaves , i guess you will start having them from now. As i have said previously in my last reply it also helps in hair growth, and Curry leaves juice cures the irritations from the insect bites. Curry leaves juice can also be used for treating minor burns please have it and dont avoid it.

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