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Thread: Natural treatment for head lice

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    Natural treatment for head lice

    Hi friends!

    Getting rid of lice and Nits has become a big time frustration problem. Is there a way to get rid of it naturally without using any chemicals? I have used many ways to get rid of it but their was no positive results shown on my hair.

    I preferably wanna escape from these nits and stop scratching.

    Help me with natural treatment remedies for head lice.

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    Hello Dear,

    There are many people using many chemicals to get rid of lice from the hair. This results in damaging the hair, skin allergies etc. I suggest you to go for a natural treatment where you will find best results.

    Kill the lice.
    Ensure no lice are left on combs, brushes, towels, etc.
    Rub Onion juice on the scalp
    Vinegar & Water
    Apply Castor Oil
    Use Tea tree shampoo

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