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Thread: Healthy eating for toddlers and babies

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    Healthy eating for toddlers and babies

    I have a 15 month old son He used to eat a combination of Real food and baby food but for the past two weeks he only wants the baby food. If we give him real food he pushes it away and he starts crying if we don’t give him baby food am bit worried I feel like he's regressing. Please tell me what I should do…!

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    Relax donít freak out..! My baby is 2 year and 11 months old she still has baby food everyday when I took my baby to the doctor he advised me to give him real food once in the day..! I did follow his advice and did the same thing he advised. Now he got used to it and he have real food two times in a day. even you can try doing the same as me and i am sure that you baby's food habit will change.

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