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Thread: Want to get out of nursing - suggest new field

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    Want to get out of nursing - suggest new field

    One of my friends wants to get out of nursing. She had been a registered nurse for 2 years. She had floated in many departments like labour, ICU etc...She felt that it will be better for her to get an experience, but she did not experience any change. She is not satisfied with her profession she is looking for some change. She is ready to get out of nursing and looking for some other field. Can anyone please suggest some other field for her? Please give your valuable suggestions...........

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    Hi Natasha.....

    Nursing is a very good field why she wants to get out of it. Once if she come out of that it will be very hard for her to get another job related to her profile. So the best thing is ask her to continue the same thing or do some additional courses which will help her to get a job. But she won’t be paid as she was paid in her old field. Ask her to think twice and take a decision. My suggestion for her is to stay in the same field and learn more than quitting the job and being under risk. So please advice her to continue in the same field.

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