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Thread: How to deal with an alcoholic boyfriend

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    How to deal with an alcoholic boyfriend

    I am in love with my boy friend from 5 years but now recently I came to know he will drink alcoholic always he promise me that he won’t take again but still today he did not stop because of this reason we get lots of fight kindly suggest me the how to deal with a alcoholic boy friend

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    You are relation ship is long time You find that your boy friend is alcoholic So, here is the few tips on dealing with an alcoholism
    The first and fore most thing you do you should talk to your partner
    Make him understand that you are special to me
    Give more importance to him by caring and loving
    You should talk to boyfriend serious disadvantages of alcoholism
    Try to explain the alcoholism will spoil entire life if still it is not working please
    Seek support from your close ones and always keep in mind that you are not alone. Try your best to help your partner to overcome alcoholism, and issues but if things do not change, it is better call off the relationship. Take care!

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