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Thread: Can we apply almond oil to face?

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    Can we apply almond oil to face?

    Hi all,

    Normally i have a dry skin; one of my friends suggested me to apply almond oil on my face. I know that almond oil is very good for skin but i am not sure whether it can be applied on face. Is it good to apply almond oil on face? If so! Can anyone please tell some of the benefits of applying almond oil on face? Please do reply as soon as possible.........

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi sharmila,

    Almond oil is very good for skin; if it is applied regularly you will have a glowing and a healthy skin. Almond oil is very good for face; this is used as a powerful ingredient in cosmetic industry. So it is not wrong to apply it on the face, here i would like to list out some benefits of almond oil;

    It can be used as a facial cleanser which is suitable for all kinds of skin type. This will help in removing all the dirt and dead pores from the face.
    Another benefit of almond oil is it can be used as a facial scrub as well.
    It can be applied under the eyes and helps to reduce dark circle around the eyes
    The regular use of almond oil on face helps to have a clear and a soft skin
    If applied regularly on face, it helps prevent wrinkles, and fine lines
    Almond oil contains natural antimicrobial properties, which help prevent the spread and growth of bacterial infections responsible for acne, wounds or other skin infections.

    If i had left out somethings please do share it!!

    Hope it helped!!!

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