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Thread: How is Yoga Performed

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    How is Yoga Performed

    Hello Frenzz, can any of you explain me how is yoga performed??

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    Hi, It is very good that you are interested in doing yoga, First you have to consult a good yoga practitioner and once you have started doing you should not stop it. Yoga has to be started after you are brushed and having bath. It is very important to clean the bowels before starting Yoga exercises,

    Yogasanas can be practiced in the morning or evening depending upon availability of time. And also the place has to well ventilate or in open air place, you should not wear any spectacles and it may break and get injured to your body. you should not perform Asanas immediately after a long walk in sunlight heat. You should not unnecessarily talk during Yogasanas practice. Children upto 12 to 14 years of age should not be instructed in all Asanas. Hope this information gave you some knowledge about yoga!!

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