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Thread: Murder3 release date

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    Murder3 release date

    Hello all.......................

    I just love to watch thriller movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May be of any language, whether Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, English, etc... I will never miss to watch the thriller movies. One of the best thriller movies in Tamil is “Eeram”. I heard that murder 3 is a thriller movie in bollywood movie which will hit the screen very soon and i would love to watch it on big screen. Do you guys have any idea about the release date of it? If so! Can you all please give some information’s of that movie along with the release date of the film?

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi Reshma.....

    Murder 3 is a thriller movie starring randeep hooda, Mona Laizza and aditi rao hyadri. This movie is directed by one of the famous directors of bollywood who gave many box office hits vishesh bhatt. In this movie randeep will be seen as a photographer and Sara as model. I think this will be better than murder 2........................

    The movie is going to hit the screen on February 15 2013................

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