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Thread: Will fuel price to increase again?

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    Will fuel price to increase again?

    Hello all,

    I think you all know about the enhancement of the fuel price, i read in a newspaper which said that the government is planning to increase the price of fuel rapidly. I was really shocked after reading it; first of all there is hike in the petrol and the hike in fuel price will be a great hindrance for all the people. Will the fuel price increase again?

    Please share your views and opinions!!!!!

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    Hi Rahul

    It is said that the government will increase the price of fuel. This increase in the price of fuel is an attempt to reduce the various subsidies and to enhance the price of fuel in the international market. The government has raised the prices of fuel maximum 4 times in the year 2011 this is the fifth hike in the price of fuel. The price of 93 Octane would increase 21 cents a litre and 95 Octane by 23 cents. The single MRP for revealing paraffin would increase by 44 cents per litre; the increase in petrol and diesel was partly due to a state levy of 13.16 cents a litre.

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