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Thread: butterfly park in Bangalore

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    butterfly park in Bangalore

    Hi friends

    I am planning to take my son for one day trip butterfly park kindly can any one give me the details and timing of butterfly park I donít want rush at last movement by searching the address

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    The butter fly park adjacent to bannerghata Zoo in Bangalore. it has the separate Entry ticket 20 rs. Children

    love to see the artificial water fall as well. The museum and audio visual show on butter flies surely you will enjoy Few

    things which were that male and female butterflies of the same species look different with different colors. And no two

    butterflies of the same species also look alike. These facts were very strange and astonishing for everyone!!!

    Timing9 am -5pm and park will be closed on Tuesday

    Butter fly park
    Biological park
    Banner Ghatta,
    Bangalore 560076

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