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Thread: How to plan my daughter's first birthday party

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    How to plan my daughter's first birthday party

    Hi all,

    I have a daughter who is just 10 months old; there is just one month for her birthday. Since this is our first child we do not have any idea about how to plan for my daughter’s first year birthday. As this is our first child we want it to be done in an ostentatious manner; we want it to be more unique and memorable one. We do not have much idea about it. Can anyone of you please give some ideas for celebrating my daughter’s first year birthday party?

    Please help!!!

    All your views and opinions are appreciated!!!

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    Hi veneetha,

    I think the first birthday is a very special day both for the parents and the kid, try doing it in a grand way; it should be a memorable one to all of them who will attend your daughter’s birthday. Plan it 4-5 weeks in advance, spend more time in buying clothes for your daughter. Order a very big cake with your daughter’s name. Find a place to party like restaurant, hotel, church, hall etc... Arrange a theme for your daughter’s birthday like lil rebel birthday theme etc.. You can better go with the strawberry cake and get a pink dress which will best match; that will be one of the best part in the birthday. Another important thing, Other than the food, you can plan some games for the kids to enjoy the party like- musical chair, pass the parcel etc.

    Hope it helped!!

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    Well ,If you want to celebrate your daughter's birthday in simple way then you can arrange small party for close family friends and family members.If you want to celebrate birthday with grand party then hiring party poppers or party planners will be great idea. Party planners also help in decorations, invitation cards,return gifts and they also play fun games with kids.

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    Thanks aditi and preethi it was a great idea and i will definitely take your suggestions and celebrate my daughters birthday in a different way

    Once again thanks

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