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Thread: how to get thicker eyelashes naturally

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    how to get thicker eyelashes naturally


    I've been trying to get my eye lashes in better shape, the mascara i do it very carefully i still loose lashes. i want to have longer thicker lashes. what are some things i can do?

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    Many women fell to have long full thick eyelashes women considered a sign of outward beauty in our society . I will give the and natural method to get thicker eyelashes without any expensive

    1>Olive oil apply the oil gently and leave it over night. Be careful not to over do it which might make sleeping uncomfortable In the morning wash it in warm water repeat it for 30 days you will see the good result

    2>Almond oil apply it on lashes for 20 min and wash it in warm water try doing

    Remove your eye makeup each night with a gentle eye makeup remover. Leaving your eye makeup on, especially mascara, may cause your lashes to become brittle and break off, which makes them appear thinner. Be careful not to pull or rub on your lashes as you remove your makeup. Use only the brand mascara not to use the local to your eyes

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