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Thread: Advantages and disadvantages of donating blood

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    Advantages and disadvantages of donating blood

    I am planning to donate the blood before that I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of donating blood

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    New blood will be formed which will decrease the chances of heart attack, decrease the chances of blood sugar, decrease the chances of obesity.
    By donating blood you can burn your extra calories from your body which is a main cause of different critical diseases in now days like heart attack, liver failure, high blood pressure etc.
    As new blood formation in body it helps glowing your skin.

    The Disadvantages occur when:
    1. You are not completely healthy and fit to donate blood.
    2. The needle and bag may not be sterilized.
    3. If you fall suddenly ill after donating blood and you may yourself fall short of blood.
    4. If the person collecting your blood takes more blood from you (more than 350 ml) as the bags are slightly expandable.

    Once you donate the blood you should not donate for 3 months

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