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Thread: use of avocado oil for skin

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    use of avocado oil for skin

    Hi all,

    I have very dry skin my relative suggest me to apply avocado oil to my skin . I heard it very good for the skin. is it the good to apply avocado oil in my face ? if so Can any one tell me the benefit of using avocado oil for skin

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    Avocado oil is considered a vegetable oil . It is rich in vitamin A, D and E the thick oil also high in potassium Avocado oil has many applications but knowing how to use it crucial way In order get the benefit Use this step for applying Avocado oil .

    Pour a small amount of avocado oil onto particularly dry areas of skin. Sufferers of eczema might find the properties of avocado oil soothing, as it tends to reduce itching and inflammation of the skin.

    Avocado oil is very good for healing and soothing diaper rash

    Avocado oil helps to heal skin burns or wounds faster

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