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Thread: How to use avocado oil for skin care

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    How to use avocado oil for skin care

    Hello everyone very good morning to all my friends, I read and heard that avocado oil is good for skin. Has anyone ever tried avocado oil on their face? Did it work..? I'm trying to go all-natural with my skin-care regimen after learning about the potential hazards of cosmetics. Can anyone who has used the avocado oil for skin reply me your feedback's.
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    Yes I have used it not avocado oil, but I have used the avocado ripped fruit, all you need to do is mash the ripped avocado to paste consistency and apply the paste to the face and neck. Let it work its magic for about 20 minutes before you wash it off with warm water. Do this twice a week and you will have soft beautiful skin. I have oily skin so I add one teaspoon of lemon juice to the paste and then used it, even you can do the same if you have oily skin..! It is a wonderful fruit you can use it in many ways you can Google to know more about avocado.

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