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Thread: Can we trust matrimonial sites?

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    Can we trust matrimonial sites?

    Hello Friends!
    My parents are looking for my alliance through some matrimonial sites. I am really worried about this. I donít know whether to trust such matrimonial sites or not. All the people in the site are strangers. We donít know anything about them. It is possible that they might have entered wrong details in the site. So kindly help me. I am in dilemma.

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    Oh dear!

    Why you are worrying so much about the matrimonial sites. Your parents are not fools (I am sorry) to arrange marriage with any fake person. They will enquire about that person and they will verify the information given on this site is true or not. No parents will do such mistakes. After all itís their daughterís life. They will do all the things carefully. Even if they get any mild doubt they wonít fix your marriage, instead they will search another guy.
    Trust your parents not the matrimonial sites.
    Anyways advance wishes for your marriage.

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    hi anaggh

    dont trust blindly ... definitely enquire on ur own before taking final decision

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    Hi anaggh,

    Matrimonial sites are trust worthy, many marriages are done through matrimonial sites, even one of my cousin got married through some matrimonial site; so do not worry about it......................... there are parents to take care. But make sure that you will enquire properly, only if you are satisfied then go ahead and get married or else look for another guy.

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