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Thread: Best eye hospital in Bangalore for laser treatment

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    Best eye hospital in Bangalore for laser treatment

    Hi all,

    My dad had eye problems from few months but he did not bother about that, he took it slightly. When he consulted a doctor he advised him to take up laser treatment for his eyes. So he is looking for some of the best hospitals to get lasik surgery done to his eyes in Bangalore. Can anyone of you please suggest some of the best eye hospitals in Bangalore for laser treatment? Please do reply as soon as possible!!!

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi veenky...........

    Eye is one of the special senses in the entire body, because it is the one which allows you to see all the beauties of the world; so for those eyes special care should be taken. Sometimes the flukes in the eyes may lead to eye problems, so it is very much important to take a special care to your eyes.

    There are many eye care hospitals in Bangalore who take up lasik surgery. Here i would like to list out the three best eye hospitals in Bangalore;

    Sankara eye hospital
    Narayana nethralaya eye hospital
    Vasan eye care hospitals (Koramangla Bangalore)

    I think the best choice would be “vasan eye care hospital” where the main hospital is in Chennai but the branch is here in Bangalore, if not! vasan eye care, narayana nethralaya would be better.

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