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Thread: Reasons for hair fall in winters

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    Reasons for hair fall in winters


    I have the very bad hair fall in winter i use regularly coconut oil but still i have bad result kindly give me the reason for hair fall in winter and tips for hair growth

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    Seasonal hair loss is the unjustified hair we lose at the turn of every season It is the more hair fall in the winter the reason for hair loss in winter

    Lack of exposure to sunlight

    Excessive sweating

    Weather condition

    Avoid get wet during rainy season . The rain water mixed with different kinds of pollutants which can damage hair

    The following step can be taken to protest your hair from getting damaged

    Massage your scalp with the warm coconut oil at least twice a week leave the oil all nights.

    Use a hair pack of henna and curd to keep your hair nourished henna is very good for strengthening the root of your hair.

    Avoid using heat appliances such as hair dyers or hair straightness regularly use them occasionally

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