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Thread: Best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore

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    Best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore

    Hi all,

    One of my uncle have bronchitis problem from past few years. Even after consulting many allopathy doctors and taking English medicines he did not get rid of bronchitis problem. So he thought of trying some ayurvedic medicines to get permanent relief from this. Can anyone suggest best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore? Please do reply as soon as possible!!

    Thank you!!!

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    Ayurvedic treatment is the best to get permanent relief with the particular health issue. This type of treatment is a traditional Indian one which is been continued even now. It usually takes more than one physician to carry out the treatment. The main thing in this treatment is yoga and massage; ayurvedic is the best treatment to get permanent relief with no side effects; that is one of the special things of ayurvedic medicines.

    I think you can better suggest the soukya ayurvedic clinic which has many physicians and they will guide you. Ayush ayurvedic clinic is also one of the best, try Arya vaidiya sala which is located in Bangalore. If you all know some information's about this please do share it!

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