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Thread: Best ayurvedic spa in Bangalore

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    Best ayurvedic spa in Bangalore

    Hi all,

    The work environment where work is very stressfull, after getting back to my home i feel so drousy and tired and i am not able to concentrate on any other thing, because of the stress in myself. When i was telling this to my friends, he suggested me to go for ayurvedic spa; so i am looking for some of the best ayurvedic spa in Bangalore. Can anyone please tell some of the best ayurvedic spa in Bangalore? Please help!!!

    Thank you!!

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    There are many ayurvedic spa in Bangalore, here i would like to list out some of the best ayurvedic spa in bangalore.

    The following are those;

    Rejuve Spa
    Kumara Krupa, Bangalore

    Maple Tree Spa
    Ananda Nagar, Bangalore

    Aroma Home Spa
    Brookefield, Bangalore

    Lever Ayush Therapy Centre
    Ayurvedic Therapy Spa
    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    Springs Spa by EMA
    J.C Road, Bangalore

    These are some of the ayurvedic spa in Bangalore............

    Hope it helped!!

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