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Thread: Money management tips in Hindi

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    Money management tips in Hindi

    Does anyone have any information about the books Money management tips in Hindi, I want get it for my relatives they donít understand English so I want get the book for Money management tips in Hindi If anyone know any online website or address of the place where I can get them in Delhi please share the address or the online website link with me..!

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    There are many famous book stores in Delhi like oxfordbookstore, delhibookstore and crossword. And I am sure that there many other book stores in Delhi. Just Google for them and you will get a huge list of the stores. I was not able to find any online store that has Money management tips in Hindi book, just take some time Google for the book stores in Delhi call the store and ask them if they have the book am sure someone will have it. And my personal suggestion to you there is you can get them a books or CDís for learning English through Hindi. because you need to help her learn English take up the responsibility.

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