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Thread: what vitamins should i take for healthy hair and skin

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    what vitamins should i take for healthy hair and skin

    hi friends

    I have used several methods to improve my skin and hair but I did not get any good result Fine ally I want to try with the vitamins for hair and skin kindly suggest me the which vitamin should I take for healthy hair and skin

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    Healthy skin comes from the inside out. What you choose to put into your body will reflect itself on your skin .here is the basic vitamin for healthy hair and skin

    Vitamin A –Sweet potatoes, carrot leafy vegetables It improves the dry and flaky completion

    Vitamin B- Oatmeal , rice, egg, and banana It is very use for hair cell

    Vitamin c- Cauliflower Leafy greens can also reduce the wrinkles in your face Improve the skin texture

    Vitamin E- nuts, olives, and spinach These will not only help your skin to stay soft . it also helps your hair to be very stronger

    Vitamin K- green leafy it is the best way for the skin and more benefits is to use it

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