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Thread: How to select clothing a newborn baby

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    How to select clothing a newborn baby

    Hi all,

    One of my friends recently gave birth to a girl baby; since this is her first baby she do not have any idea like what kind of dress to buy for her kid she is totally confused. Both of them do not have any idea to select clothing for their new born baby. Can anyone please do give your suggestions and please do tell how to select clothing for a newborn baby? Please help!!!

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!

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    Hi manashwi,

    It is one of the difficult tasks for parents who have a new born baby, especially girl baby. The first eight weeks of baby’s life requires few varieties of new born clothes. New babies need more clothes, so buy more number of clothes for babies. For the first few weeks buy baby body suits because they will be more comfortable and fit to the baby. Choose dress according to their size, color etc......always opt for cotton dresses because that will be more comfortable at the time of summer. Always prefer to buy shoulder snaps, seat snaps.

    Hope it helped!!!

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    It will be very exciting for each and every parent to choose good clothing for a new born baby. Usually babies grow quickly, so there is no need to buy large number of clothes of smaller sizes. You can better try with a medium size clothes, so that it can be worn by the babies a year after.

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