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Thread: How Often Should i Wash my Jeans

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    How Often Should i Wash my Jeans

    Hey All,

    I am very much bugged of washing my jeans it is deadly weight not able brush also.. but I use very often!! What can I do how often should I wash? Please help me its not for fun, Am damn serious !! apart from dry cleaning suggest me..

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    Hii, It is not necessary that you need to wash your jean daily, As of I know girls wont do much dirt so you can wash it once in a week, if you feel it is very dirty then you can wash it off Simple..

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    I love to wear my jeans.
    I am feeling very comfort in this.

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    Hi Maya.....

    I love wearing jeans.................. right from my college till now that is the casual wear of mine. It becomes hard when coming to washing the jeans. I have 3 pears of jeans; i will wear them continuously for all three days. A week next my mom will wash them. I think it all depends on how well you use it, if you maintain it properly then i donít think so lot of washing or cleaning is not required, once or twice in a week is more than enough. So make sure you do not make them dirty as much as you can. Because, if you wash them often the color gets faded and will look like an old one. Be precise in using them.

    Hope you understood!!

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    I like wearing jeans evry much. I often wash them once a week.

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    Hey i agree with surabhi.....

    I think it is not necessary to wash the jean often, because girls will not make it as dirty as boys. So it is better if you wash in once or twice in a week. When you wash it often, the color gets faded and the beauty of the jean will disappear. You better buy some extra pair of jean so that you can use all three in alternative days.

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