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Thread: Garlic health benefits for women

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    Garlic health benefits for women

    Hi all,

    I have seen most of the women using garlic as a main ingredient to whatever they do. This is one of the most famous ingredients in the Indian foods. I really wonder why all of them use this as a basic ingredient; when i was going through the food recipes magazine, i came across a special article which said garlic is very good for health. After reading it i was very happy. I would like to know more benefits of garlic...can anyone please do give out few health benefits of garlic for women.

    Thank you!!!

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    From the pre historic days garlic is been used as an important ingredient. Garlic is the oldest known medicinal plant variety in existence; it has many medicinal qualities. It helps to prevent heart diseases, cold, cough, and alos reduce blood pressure level. It is one of the best ingredients which serve various purposes. Here i would like to list out few health benefits of garlic for women.

    The following are the benefits of garlic for women;

    One of the most important benefit of garlic is, the regular intake of it reduces the risk of stomach, colon cancer etc...It also reduces the risk of tumer and breast cancer
    Garlic helps to cure asthama, if you take the boiled cloves of garlic with a glass of milk before going to sleep, you will find a great relief.
    The regular intake of garlic also helps in lowering the level of Cholesterol in the body, especially for women.
    It also serves acne problem. Paste the garlic and mix it along with turmeric, honey, and cream; then apply on the face; you will find a great change in your face, no single pimple will be on your face. It also helps to prevent acne.
    It can also be used as an eye care. Because, it has many nutrients and vitamin c which will help in curing the eye infections.
    It is very good for digestion
    It is very good for the diabetics with no side effects

    These are some of the health benefits of garlic for women............

    Hope it helped!!!!

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    Garlic health benefits for women

    Garlic tends to reduce the frequency of colds and flu without any side effects. It also helps to reduce the weight .
    If any insect bites you at the seaside, you just crush the garlic and apply it to the affected area to reduce pain and to remove poison.

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    Garlic is very good for health, that is the reason it is considered to be the key ingredient in Indian cooking. There are many medicinal uses in garlic. It helps to reduce weight; it heals cold, cough etc...It helps in reducing cholesterol from the body, it is very good for digestion, it also reduces the risk of cancer........it is not preferable to take much. As far as my knowledge these are the major health benefits of garlic.

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    Garlic plays a vital role for weight reducing. It has many benefits and also it adds flavour in food.

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