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Thread: best regiment in indian army

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    best regiment in indian army

    I have much read about Indian Army’s contribution in world and national peace. Be it for First Kashmir War, Medical Assistance during Korean War, Liberation of Goa, Daman and Diu, Sino-Indian War, Indo-Pakistani War, Siachen conflict and Kargil conflict they had performed brilliantly. Maratha Light Infantry Regiment, Rajput Regiment, Jat Regiment, Sikh Regiment, Kumaon Regiment, Assam Regiment, Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment, Mahar Regiment and Naga Regiment are the most prominent ones among others in Indian Army. But among all which is the best regiment in Indian Army?

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    best regiment in indian army

    There is certain selection criteria of the Indian Army and based on which the Punjab Regiment outstand to be the best among all twenty five of it. The other best regiments which follow after it are like Jat Regiment, Assam Regiment and Sikh Regiment.

    During pre-independence time this regiment was named as the Punjab Boundary Force which was active in many major operation of British Indian Army. This Punjab regiment had won numerous prestigious awards from British and Indian government. The main effort of raising this elite regiment is given to Maharaja of Patiala. In 1805 the first battalion of Punjab Regiment was erected whereas later much after the second battalion was formed.

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    I think it is the Madras Regiment which is considered as the best regiment of Indian Army....as during Burma campaign war they did a credible job. Even though Punjab regiment was involved in World War II the Madras Sappers were equivalently engaged.

    This Regiment was honored by the COAS with unit citations in relating to their exclusive contribution in curbing insurgency in Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab. Apart from pacifying conflicts the Madras Regiment has powerful role in maintaining multiple humanitarian aid operations in India and Peacekeeping missions of UN.

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