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Thread: which is the best tablet for cold

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    which is the best tablet for cold


    I have the common cold of the season And I am really struggling to find a remedy that works kindly can any one suggest me the best tablet for cold

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    I Personally would advice never take any medicine Just drink lemon with honey with hot water works a treat for cold .
    Natural remedy is good medicine when it comes to cold from my personnel experience

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    hi sleva

    best is to consult doctor .... im also doctor but cant advice medicine without seein n examining ...

    but still if u want then i can tell u few general thing .. but for that tell me all ur symptoms ... or better msg me in private...

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    Hi sleva Paul,

    Cold is one of the most common things, especially during this winter season. I think it is better to consult a doctor before taking any tablets; so better ask your doctor. If not please do try with some natural remedies as "manju" has said.

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