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Thread: Which is the best small car to buy in India

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    Which is the best small car to buy in India

    Hai everyone,

    I am little puzzled right now, I really donít know which car to buy. Many of my friends suggested me to buy Nano and few more others suggested me to buy swift. My budget is 5-6 lacks. Can you people suggest me which one to buy. nano or swift? Which is the best small car to buy? And also I want you guys to tell me which one you will prefer buying.

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    Hmmm..! No offence,

    Nano is not a bad car at all, but for me Swift Zxi 5.6L would be the best option. Swift is the bestselling car in the India market and it has won car of the year award. And this car has been crash Tested so it is also a safest car when compared with other small cars India.

    Car has many features like

    Air bags
    Automatic A/C control
    Futuristic Look
    Amazing handling.

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    I think the hyundai Eon is the best small car to buy in India

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    Nano is suitable for people having budget less than 3 lacs. You are having a good budget for a better small car and Swift would be an ideal option it would come in your budget. Low maintenance and high performance, go for Swift if you like it's shape rest all is absolutely perfect.

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    First of all just try to understand both cars are class apart.One is just a entry-level class hatchback and other one is a proper 5 door hatchback.Nano is a option to buy only if our budget is under 2.5lac.
    Swift has already given its testimony to Indian customers as its one of the highest selling hatchback of Indian market.It comes in the range which you have given.
    If you want to give some more trys then here is the list according to price...
    1) Tata Nano
    2) Maruti Alto 800
    3) Hyundai EON
    4) Maruti Swift
    5) Ford Figo

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    Swift is the best option for you.....

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