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Thread: Home remedies to reduce hair loss in women

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    Home remedies to reduce hair loss in women

    Hi all,

    I often experience hair fall, due to the continuous hair fall, my hair is becoming too short and even dry. I tried with many shampoos, conditioner’s etc......but it din’t work, so i thought of trying with some natural products. Can anyone please do give out few tips to control hair fall naturally and also some of the home remedies to reduce hair fall in women. Please do reply as soon as possible!!!!

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi aditi,

    Hair fall is one of the common problems for both men and women. It is even more severe for women; this may happen due to lack of moisture, nutrients in the hair, so it is advisable to follow a proper diet in order to have a healthy and shiny hair. The food which you eat may also affect your skin and hair; do you have hair fall? Don’t worry..... Here i would like to give out few home remedies to reduce it, please do have a glance at it;
    The following are some of the home remedies to reduce hair fall;

    • First of all, stop brushing your hair often
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Use some natural hair products
    • Please do massage your hair often with oil
    • You can also apply egg white to hair that is well known to nourish the scalp with the essential nutrients
    • It is advisable to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables regularly

    Try all these methods to have a healthy and a shiny hair; this will even help in reducing hair fall..........

    Hope it helped!!

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