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Thread: How to prevent split ends and breakage at home

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    How to prevent split ends and breakage at home

    Hello friends,

    I normally have a dry hair, with that i even have split ends and breakage; due to this, the texture of my hair is totally gone and my hair is also not growing properly. I am seriously worried about it; i am not even able to do the hair style as i wish. Even after trying with lot of shampoos, oil, conditioners etc.....there is no improvement in my hair, instead i had side effects using it; so i thought of using some natural products with no side effects. Can anyone please do give out few tips to prevent split ends and breakage at home? Please help!!

    Thank you!!

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    The first and the foremost thing to be kept in mind is that, do not do over hairstyling. In order to prevent split ends you have to minimize the usage of direct heat on the hair. If the heat particles get into the hair, the texture of the hair will go really bad; so it is advisable to avoid hair dryers. Cut down the chemical products which you use regularly like hair spray, dryer, gel, coloring etc......

    As you have asked few tips to prevent split ends and breakage, i would like to share it with you, please do have a look at it;

    It is advisable not to brush the hair often, especially when it is wet
    Always trim of the ends with breakage, because split ends does not allow the hair to grow
    Sunscreen protection should be applied for both skin and hair
    Please do avoid washing the hair frequently; it is good to use the conditioner after shampooing the hair.
    Cut down the using the chemicals products to your hair
    Please do cut the hair ends straight across

    These are some of the home remedies to prevent split ends and breakage

    Hope it helped!!!!

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