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Thread: Premature greying of hair in children

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    Premature greying of hair in children

    Hello all,

    One of my friendís sons has developed grey hair right at this small age, he is just 12 but he has grey hair. She is totally worried about it saying that, all of his classmates are teasing him for that... she seriously does not know the reason for this. Can anyone please do tell some of the causes for premature greying of hair in children and also give few remedies to treat greying of hair?

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!

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    Premature greying of hair in children is very common nowadays. I think no parent would like their children with grey hair. Here i would like to give out few causes for it, please have a look at it;

    Premature greying of hair is basically hereditary; if his fathers or grandfathers would have had it then there are chances for them to get it.
    Another important cause is vitamin b12 deficiency is also a common cause for grey hair
    Another main cause is anemia
    The excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugary foods like chocolates, cakes, icecream etc.....will also be a cause of premature greying of hair

    There are some ways to cure it, donít worry.........here i would like to give out few remedies to prevent it.

    Curry leaves is one of the best remedy. Heat the curry with the small amount of oil, leave it until it is in black in color. After that apply it on the scalp to get better results
    Drinking yogurt with a tablespoon of yeast may also help to prevent premature greying of hair
    Mix almond oil with one tablespoon of lemon juice and amla juice and apply it on the scalp

    Ask her to try this with his son, for the better result..........

    Hope it helped!!!

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    hi manasawi

    there can be so many reasons ...

    is he normal mentally and physically ?

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    Hi Manashvi,

    No need to worry about this, grey hair is normal, it can be due to heredity also.. does any of your family member have??

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