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Thread: Which is The best Electric Bike in India

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    Which is The best Electric Bike in India

    Hey SD Forum Friends..

    I am totally bugged with petrol price.. I am travelling daily 22 km in my bike.. Petrol price is like gold price hiking every now and then.. Half of salary goes on filling petrol for my bikeÖ Now I have come to a conclusion that Iíll go for an electric bike? Whatís your opinion friends.. And also suggest me the best bike in India..

    I am desperately waiting for your replies..

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    Hey Dude!!

    Are you sure you want to go for electric bikes? Because at present you are bugged with only petrol issues. When you turn into electric ones you canít go fast and the mileage is also less so think on this and let me know I am ready to suggest you few..

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    Hi Rohit, Thanx yar for the valuable reply.. But kya karu mein bohath hi pakk gaya hu iss petrol problem se.. Finally maine socha key eh wala plan work out hoga.. No problem but I wanto go for it please tell me how much will it give mileage and what can be the cost of it max??

    Thanx yar!!
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    Abhi bhi batha rah u sambhal ja yar!! Phir tuje lena hain to hiss mein se koi select karna.. and these bikes will give you max 30km/h.. you canít expect more than this
    Bsa Motors Street Rider - Rs. 30,900
    Eko Ev60 - Rs. 21,000
    Enigma Intense E Scooter - Rs.28,500
    Indus Yo Speed - Rs.36,500
    Indus Yo Smart - Rs. 28,350
    Indus Yo Spin - Rs. 26,000

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