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Thread: Best Bluetooth headset in India

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    Best Bluetooth headset in India

    Please suggest me a good Bluetooth hands free headset for Samsung galaxy y, am very much interested in listing to music 24/7 and want a decent Bluetooth headset with decent battery backup, which should be compatible with my phone, if you suggest me few good once it will be a big help to me to get them.

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    I donít know the name of the company exactly which will suit, but request you to visit the Samsung store and inquire about the Bluetooth handsets and the quality you will get depends upon your budget as well.

    If you are ready to spend around 2000 rupees you will get the best handset in the market.

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    Hi jadhavpradeep,

    Thanks for the reply and yes i am ready to spend 2000 rupees for a Bluetooth if i feel it's worth it. can you suggest me few Bluetooth's in the same price margin.

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