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Thread: Best free photo editing software for windows 7

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    Best free photo editing software for windows 7

    Hi Friends!

    I love editing pictures and sharing on Face book. I am in need of the best free photo editing software for free download. I am using Windows 7 operating system. Though many people use the editing software for their business development, I just wanna have fun.

    These software’s have extreme demand in the market. I wanna edit, create and work on my digital photographs. Kindly help me with the best photo editing software.


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    Hi Friend,

    You're right friend, this software is booming in the market. It is used to create greeting cards, amazing graphics, website designs and N number of things. You can edit the photos and enjoy them sharing on the social networking websites.

    Here are the best editing software’s.

    Adobe Photoshop CS5
    Corel DRAW
    Irfan View
    Nero Photo Snap Viewer
    Image forge

    I have listed only few software’s, there are many in list which I am not aware of. If any others have any suggestions, please share it.

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