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Thread: Which Is The Best Bleach Cream In India

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    Which Is The Best Bleach Cream In India

    I don’t like to visit beauty parlor and spend money unnecessarily there; instead mostly I wish to beautify myself with natural remedies…

    Currently my face looks very boring, so planning to bleach my skin. I guess there is no natural remedy to bleach our face, so can somebody suggest best manmade Bleach Cream in India?

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    Yeah! Many people refuse to visit saloons and parlors, because they get allergic to certain local stuffs they apply, so most of them go in for natural remedies & self workouts.

    Fine, these 3 are the most chosen branded bleach creams in India

    • Vlcc Insta Bleach
    • The Body Care Bleach Cream
    • Jolen Bleach Cream

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    Talking Oxybleach

    hi there,
    I am a working woman, I travell work and again travell home by any public transport .I am so much subjected to sun and pollution.So I always use Oxybleach.It helps me.

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    Oxybleach cream is the best one...

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