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Thread: Self - help and spiritual books

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    In the publishing business it is a fact spiritual book and self - help books crosses million sale. But barring books by eminent authors like Deepak Chopra and few others, all are useless and they don't have substance. What do you think about all those writers and publishers publishing these books?

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    Dear surender,

    It is not the fault of publishers and writers since they do tap dance according to the market. They find a big, expanding market of such books. It is the people who buy and try to change themselves, they donot undestand that life is itself a book.

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    this is suresh
    i share my difficulties
    that is what are main websites for mechanical ,ece,cse engineering books please send to my mail [email]sureshkolli36@gmail.com[/email]

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    but some authors like Shiv khera books are really life chnaging books i have ever read.

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    Going for and publishing religious books can really help in order to go in and improving the condition of the business but the thing that should be kept in mind while going for and publishing a religious content is that it should be authentic along meeting the interest of the people as well.....

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