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Thread: Should I break up..? help needed!

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    Should I break up..? help needed!

    Hi guys.. I'm 20 years old and I'm doing my engineering.. I'm in a relationship with a girl from past 18 months(she's also 20).. We have been really close and things were going on good.. But recently past the 6 months we have been fighting a lot.. She is studying architecture and we live in the same city.. My dad stays abroad so I have to take care of everything at home ( Mom and brother ).

    She is a really nice girl, she loves me a lot( like insanely) but she acts very crazy sometimes.. We fight over very silly issues most of the times. She acts like a kid in front of everyone but when we are alone she calls me immature.. All my frnds consider me most responsible among the group but she always says otherwise. She gets upset if I dont text her for few hours..( We text like almost all day long, even during class) She expects me to stay with her late night at her home ( but I cant because my home is pretty far from her's and its in an unsafe area and my mom expects me to be home ) She is scared of going out on a date because she feels ppl "might" notice us and tell her mom and stuff.. (But her mom knows I am very close to her only as a friend )

    Sorry for making it long guys but here's where it starts..

    Last few weeks ago she started acting crazy saying terrible stuff to me.. All of a sudden she would scold and hurt me then say I am sorry.. She would say I am breaking up and next day morning she would apologise and say its not her who talked to me rudely.. Its a different person in her.. She said she has split personalities and another person is asking her to break up nd all. I tried to explain to her that this is all wrong and console her, but she only made it worse by fighting more.. And then I decided to break up because she said that it was a fake story( abt split personalities) and that she created that story so that I go away from her because she "Sensed" i wasnt happy.. After telling she lied to me, she started begging me to come back and apologized.. I dint know what to do and I said we'll take a break for now.. And she also tells I'll suicide and all if I dont get back to her( She has had cuts on he hand.. though small ones.. ) And now its been one month after we broke up, but we never stopped talking.. We only kept fighting everyday.. Now she has been begging me to come back everyday.. She cries and asks me to come back and that she will wait till my bday ( 4 days away) I am so confused and dont know what to do.. This is the 3rd time she's made fake stories like this.. She says she loves me a lot and is scared to lose me so she behaves madly and makes up stories and all. What do I do..??

    Also, she is pretty conservative and says she will never move on in life if i break up and all.. What should I do?
    Should I go back because she is begging so much and says she wont hurt me like before.. Her friends say she has changed but I dont believe she has changed much in just few days.

    Please help!! I am going mad deciding here! If i go back to her there wont be any chance to break up if things go bad again because I have a weak self control!

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    Known to my knowledge she dnt make any big issue, creating funny stories is common in pretty possessive love. Kindly don’t consider these kinds of things as big issue and get separated…..

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    Thumbs up Women being mentally stable

    Dating is a very important phase of relationship of knowing your partner. Some women are weak, some women are rude, some are wack, some are arrogant, some are mean, some are bitchy.
    In your case both of you guy are 20, you guys will evolve adopt change over time, by the time you guy reach 25 you will be a totally different person. Not sure you guys will still like each other. So its upto you to be in a relationship or move on.
    Women and there mood swings can be crazy. Most women do not know why they behave like that. Some are just playing games to see how much you love her.
    Suicide attempts and cut marks are indications of mental weakness. If you like a person you want them to be happy, be with you are with someone else.
    It is very important that a women is mentally stable in relationship, bcos once she has kids and responsibility of house and she can get more crazy and drive you crazy. Women has to work and handle the home, not easy.
    At this point I recommend that you tell that you just want a break in relationship for few months. Promise her that you will comeback. Do not meet her for few months. Relationships are like a broken piece of glass, better to leave broken than trying to connect. After few months if you feel like coming back, go back to her or move on. You are a man and have every right to choose the women you like and comfortable with.

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    First of all i would like to put forth a question to you, are you interested to continue the relationship with her? please answer this, then i can give you a better solution for this problem. There is nothing to get mad on this. Chill.......

    Please reply soon

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    u also act for somedays .. im stranger to u ..lost my memory

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    Hey Prakash,
    This is life matter, going and coming back is a ridiculous state of affairs & that is not right advice too….

    Shrinidhi, my opinion for you is; warn your girl friend for the last time and strictly tell no fake stories anymore… If she agree and bow her head, continue to have relationship with her, else quit and move forward….

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