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Thread: Iam jealous at my girl friend's success...?

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    Unhappy Iam jealous at my girl friend's success...?

    I dont know how to begin..
    We both are in love since 4 years..
    parents said if guys settle in life we may think about ur love n marriage..
    as per her family side rules she crossed the age to get married two years ago now she is 23
    In my life getting her love is the only success..
    she is a merit student,friends often laugh at me saying 'your wife will earn n u wil sit at home cooking'
    and now she placed in a reputed company and me still jobless
    I tried in many ways not to beat her atleast to reach her..
    she is so succesful,watever she wishes to happen it wil defenitly happens..
    Iam frustated,nowadays iam shouting on her,indirectly showing my jealous..
    silly girl sacrified her rank in class..i dint care
    now she is thinking to sacrifice job..if she do so her parents will start to search match for her.
    what to do..?
    she is my everything
    i can not even think of loosing her.
    and i cant approach her parents without a job in hand
    iam putting all my efforts..no use
    in this frustation iam damaging our relationship..helplessly

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    Hey come-on!
    Don’t say that you have put all your efforts for searching job…..
    There are ‘N’ numbers of Job consultancies in all metropolitan cities, if you had registered your CV/Profile in at-least 6-8 consultancies; by this time you would have received more than 50 job opportunity calls isn’t it??

    Kindly work harder to achieve in greater!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Jealousy is a bitch.

    First of all there is no reason for you to feel jealous bcos your gf has a job and you don't. Infact is she is having a job, you can always ask if she can treat you for coffee or something simple. I have seen so many cases where wife earns more than husband takes care of home and kids, still they have amazing relationship. In relationship love is more important than who makes how much. You can never be happy comparing each others paychecks. I have seen so many cases where husband lost his job so wife helped to pay bills while husband is busy looking for job. Nothing to ashamed, you should be proud and happy infact. Love is about always thinking good and feeling happy for the person you like. Goodluck!

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    Rightly Advised Guys!

    According to me firstly, Mr. Nachiketh should stop feeling possessive on his Girl Friend, coz this selfishness could take relationship to bad state @ anytime…..

    Secondly, instead of blaming and feeling guilt, must put maximum effort for searching jobs…

    Thirdly, there must be healthy competition between lovers, but not craftiness…

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